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  • Name and Family
  • n.agh
  • Degree
  • PHD
  • Academic Degree
  • Assosiate Professor
  • Department
  • Biology and Aquaculture
  • E-mail:
  • n.agh@urmia.ac.ir
     Research and Education Resume

Journal Articles (34)

1-مجید شایگان، ابوالقاسم اسماعیلی فریدونی، ناصر آق و خسرو جانی خلیلی, 2016, Effects of Salinity on egg and feacal pellet production, development and survival, adult sex ratio,Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 10,10.

2-Gisbert, Asgari, Rafiee, Naser Agh, Eagderi, Eshaghzadeh, Alcarez, 2015, Early development and allometric growth patterns in Giant sturgeon (Husohuso Linnaeus, 1758),Journal of Applied Ichthiology, 31,6.

3-قره خانی، آذری تاکامی، تکمه چی، افشارنسب، ناصر آق, 2015, Effect of dietary supplementation with zinc enriched yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on immunity of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss),Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research Shiraz University, 16,16.

4-ابراهیم اونق، ناصر آق، قرزانه نوری, 2015, comparison of the growth, survival and nutritional value of Artemia using various agricultural by products and unicellular algae Dunaliella salina,Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 14,2.

5-ناصر آق, 2014, Ontogeny of the digestive system in hatchery produced Beluga (Huso huso Linnaeus, 1758); a comparative study between Beluga and genus Acipenser,Aquaculture Nutrition.

6-بهروز آتشبار، ناصر آق، گیلبرت وان استاپن، یوهان مرتنز، لیندا بلادجال, 2014, Combined effect of temperature and salinity on hatching characteristics of three fairy shrimp species (Crustacea: Anostraca),Journal of Limnology, 73,3.

7-امیر تکمه چی، کریمی راد، فرح فرخی، ناصر آق، رضا جلیلی, 2014, The effects of short- and long-term diet supplementation with Iranian propolis on the growth and immunity in rainbow trout,Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research, 48,15.

8-ناصر آق, 2014, Comparative Study on Effects of Different Salinities on the Reproduction rates of two parthenogenetic species of Artemia (Gaav Khooni wetlands of Isfahan and ponds around the Urmia Lake) from Iran,International Journal of Aquatic Biology, 2,2.

9-ناصر آق، محمد صدیق جسور، فرزانه نوری, 2014, Potential Development of Value-Added Fishery Products in Underutilized and Commercial Fish Species: Comparative Study of Lipid Quality Indicators,Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society.

10-ناصر آق, 2014, How to save the dying Lake Urmia,Acta Geologica Sinica.

11-ناصر آق, 2013, Body shape changes during the early development of the Beluga,Huso huso,International Journal of Aquatic Biology.

12-رضا عسگری، رفیعی، ایگدری، فرزانه نوری، ناصر آق، پورباقر, 2013, Ontogeny of the digestive enzyme activities in hatchery produced beluga (Huso huso),Aquaculture.

13-رضا جلیلی، امیر تکمه چی، ناصر آق، فرزانه نوری، قاسمی, 2013, Replacement of dietary fish meal with plant sources in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss); effect on growth performance, immune responses, blood indices and disease resistance,Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 12,3.

14-ناصر آق, 2013, Effect of different supplemental feeds on proximate composition and Artemia biomass production in salt ponds,Photochemistry and Photobiology.

15-ساناز خسروی، صابر خدابنده، ناصر آق، مهدیه بختیاریان, 2013, Effects of Salinity and Ultraviolet Radiation on the Bioaccumulation of Mycosporine-like Amino Acids in Artemia from Lake Urmia (Iran),Photochemistry and Photobiology.

16-محمد رضا غریبی، نعمت الهی، ناصر آق، آتشبار, 2013, Reproductive characteristics and cyst production of Phyllocryptus spinosa in the laboratory condition,International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences.

17-ناصر آق، رضا عسگری، فرزانه نوری, 2013, Optimizing the co-feeding strategy of Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus) larvae using Artemia nauplii and formulated diet,International Journal of Aquatic biology, 1,4.

18-بهروز آتشبار، ناصر آق، لیندا بلادجال، رضا جلیلی، یوهان مرتنز, 2012, Effects of temperature on Survival, Growth, Reproductive and life span characteristics of Branchinecta orientalis (Branchipoda: Anostraca) from Iran,Crustaceana.

19-حسن ملکی نژاد، ناصر آق، ذکریا وهاب زاده، وارسته، علوی, 2012, In vitro reduction of zearalenone to ?-zearalenol by rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) hepatic microsomal and post-mitochondrial subfractions,Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research, 38,13.

20-ناصر آق، فرزانه نوری، ایرانی، مخدوم, 2012, First feeding strategy for hatchery produced Beluga sturgeon, Huso huso larvae,Iranian Journal Fisheries Sciences.

21-ناصر آق, 2012, Effects of dietary protein source on growth performance, feed utilization and digestive enzyme activity in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss),Journal of Applied Biological Sciences.

22-رامین مناف فر، صمد زارع، ناصر آق، عبداله زاده، سلطانیان، سورگلوس، بوسییر، وان استاپن, 2011, SNP detection in Na/K ATP-ase gene a1 subunit of bisexual and parthenogenetic Artemia strains by RFLP screening,Molecular Ecology Resources.

23-اسماعیلی فریدونی، مجید شایگان، ناصر آق، حسین اورجی، شیما مسعودی, 2011, Laboratory Culture of the Caspian Sea Calanoid Copepod Acartia clause (Giesbrecht, 1889) at Different Salinity Levels,World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences.

24-ناصر آق, 2011, Effect of dietary bovine lactoferrin on growth, haematology, non-specific immune response in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss),Aquaculture Research.

25- 2010, A new method for rapid DNA extraction from Artemia (Branchiopoda, Crustacea),International Journal of Biological and Life Sciences, 6,2.

26- 2010, Morphomological and biometrical characterization of rare males and sexual dimorphism in parthenogenetic Artemia (Crustacea: Anostraca),Zoology in the Middle East.

27- 2009, Effect of Processing Factors on Biogenic Amines Production in Iranian White Brine Cheese,Research Journal of Biological Sciences.

28- 2008, Life Cycle Characteristics of Six Artemia Populations from Iran,Pakistan Journal of Biological sciences.

29- 2008, Effects of Different Salinities and Luminance on Growth Rate of the Green Microalgae Tetraselmis Chuii,Research Journal of Biological Sciences.

30- 2008, Nutritional Enhancement of Total lipid ,n-3 and n-6 Fatty Artemia urmiana Nauplii by Enriching with ICES/30/4,Pakistan Journal of Biological sciences.

31- 2007, Coexistence of Sexual and Parthenogenetic Artemia Populations in Lake Urmia and Neighbouring Lagoons,Internat.Rev.Hydrobiol..

32- 2007, Biometrical Study of Artemia Urmiana (Anostraca: Artemiidae) Cysts Harvested from Lake Urmia (West Azerbaijan, Iran),Turkish Journal of Zoology.

33- 2005, Studies on the Enrichment of Artemia Urmiana Cysts for Improving Fish Food Value,Animal Feed Science and Technology 120.

34- 2004, cultivation condition of lactobacilus in modification MRS meduim culture for additional of lodine and boihomuses,problem of medical ecology and cilincal immunology journal.
Conference Papers/Abstracts/Posters (35)

1- 1385, Anodic Stripping Voltammetric Analysis of some Heavy Metals in Artemia,15th Iranian Seminar of Analytical Chemistry.


3- 2007, Bioencapsulation of Oxolinic Acid in Artemia Urmiana as a Means of Prevention of Bacterial Infection Caused by Aeromonas Hydrophila in Acipenser Persicus Larvae,International Workshop on Advanced Techniques in Larviculture of Sturgeon Fish, Iran, Urmia.

4- 1387, Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from the Intestine of Common Crap of West Azarbaijan, Iran,سومین همایش منطقه ای یافته های کشاورزی و منابع طبیعی غرب کشور.

5- 2008, Comparative survey on effect of Artemia Enriched with vitamin C and Hufa ,Daphnia and formulated feed as food on growth,survival and resistance of persian sturgeon larve (Acipensernpersicus ),world Aquaculture2008 - meeting abstract.

6- 1390, EARLY SEX DETERMINATION IN THE LABORATORY CULTURED Acipenser persicus and Huso huso,European Aquaculture2011, رودز,یونان.

7- 2008, Efect on Cold Shock (From -80 to -230oc) on Diapause Termination, Hatching Characteristics, Growth, Survival and Sexual Maturity of Artemia Parthenogenetica From Lagoons Neibhoururing Urmia Lack,15th national & 3rd International Conference of Biology.

8- 1390, EFFECT OF DIETARY BOVINE LACTOFERRIN AND PROBIOTIC, Lactobacillus plantarum ON SOME GROWTH PARAMETERS OF RAINBOW TROUT (Onchorhynchus mykiss),Aquaculture Europe 2011, رودز,یونان.

9- 2009, Effect of Different Dietary Levels of Bovine Lactoferrin on Hematological Parameters of rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus Myksis,ASIAN PACIFIC AQUACULTURE.

10- 2009, Effect of feeding rainbow trout with Artemia nauplii enriched with fish oil and herbal oils on hypoxia stress,Artemia.



13- 1390, EFFECT OF PHOTOPERIOD ON GROWTH PARAMETERS OF CASPIAN SALMON Salmo trutta caspius,Aquaculture Europe 2011, رودز,یونان.

14- 1391, Effects of dietary bovine lactoferrin on Rainbow Trout fecundity and egg composition,Larvi2012-Iran, کرج,ایران.

15- 1391, Effects of dietary protein sources on growth performance, feed utilization and digestive enzyme activity in rainbow trout,AIFAAC 2012 Symposium, هامیینلیینا,فنلاند.

16- 1391, Effects of enriching Artemia franciscana nauplii by canola oil on dsurvival and growth during enrichment period,Aqua2012, پراگ,جمهوری چک.

17- 1391, Effects of replacing dietary fish meal with with different protein sources on growth performance of Rainbow Trout fry,Larvi2012-Iran, کرج,ایران.

18- 1391, Effects of replacing fish meal/oil with plant sources in diet of Beluga sturgeon and Rainbow Trout on the distal gut microbial count,Larvi2012-Iran, کرج,ایران.

19- 1391, Effects of replacing fish meal/oil with plant sources in diet of beluga sturgeon on growth parameters,EIFAAC 2012 symposium, هامیینلیینا,فنلاند.

20- 1391, Effects of temperature of hatching, survival and growth of Branchinects oreientalis (Sars, 1901) from Iran,Aqua2012, پراگ,جمهوری چک.

21- 1391, Effects of total fish oil replacement with plant lipid sources on growth performance, feed utilization indices and fillet gross composition of rainbow trout,Larvi2012-Iran, کرج,ایران.

22- 1391, Enrichment of Artemia urmiana nauplii with canola oil: Effects on fatty acid profile,Larvi2012-Iran, کرج,ایران.

23- 1391, Evaluation of nutritional quality of cray fish Astacus lepoductylus from the Aras Dam Lake,Aqua2012, پراگ,جمهوری چک.

24- 1391, Geographical distribution of Anostraca (Crustaceana: Branchiopoda) in West Azerbaijan, Iran,Larvi2012-Iran, کرج,ایران.

25- 1391, Hatching characteristics of phallocryptus spinosa Milne Edwards 1840 (Branchiopods: Anostraca) populations from Iran,Larvi2012-Iran, کرج,ایران.

26- 1391, Introducing standard protocol for enrichment of Artemia urmiana nauplii with canola oil,Larvi2012-Iran, کرج,ایران.


28- 1391, Role of universities in Science and Technoloy Diplomacy,International Workshop on Science and Technology Diplomacy for developing countries, تهران,ایران.

29- 2008, SEM study of the Early Development in the mandible of Artemia urmiana and A.parthenogenetica (Branchiopoda Anostraca),15 th National & 3rd international conference of biology university of tehran.

30- 1391, Standardization of enrichment technique of Artemia urmiana with vitamin C and fatty acids using different oil sources,Aqua2012, پراگ,جمهوری چک.

31- 2009, Study on the Effects of Some Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents on the Survival and Biometry of Artemia Urmiana,1st International Congress on Aquatic Animal Health Management and Diseases.

32- 1391, The effect of dietary blend vegetable oil on reproductive performance in rainbow trout broodstock,Larvi2012 Iran, کرج,ایران.

33- 2008, The study of combined effects of salinity and temperature on morphometric changes of A.Parthenogenetica from lagoones at the vicinity of urmia lake,15 th National & 3rd international conference of biology university of tehran.

34- 2008, The study of protein profile of Artemia in salinity stress by SDS -PAGE and IEF,15 th National & 3rd international conference of biology university of tehran.

35- 1391, Total replacement of fish meal and large portion of fish oil by vegetable oil does not affect growth performace and feed utilization in rainbow trout,Larvi2012-Iran, تهران,ایران.
Research Projects (2)

1- 1393, Ecological, morphometric and morphological study of freshwater anostraca (Branchinecta orientalis) using scanning electron microscope.

2- 1377.