This is Javad Gholami, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at Urmia University, Iran. I am also the Founding Manager of Virayeshyar Language Editing & Translation Center ( and Co-Editor, Member of the Editorial Board and Language Editor of Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability in Latvia (

I have also recently started a campaign named IRANcitesIRAN to promote citations from quality published research from Iran or by Iranians in top-tier national and international journals.




As for my educational background, all my tertiary studies in three top Iranian universities have been in TESOL/TEFL with robust strands of language testing and evaluation as well as educational psychology in the programs and course contents.


Regarding my teaching and professional experience, I have achieved an extensive range of teaching, testing, curriculum development and course designing, and educational institution management experiences and qualifications in one of the best private language institutes in Tabriz, namely Goldis Language Institute ( over a period of ten years and then at the University of Tabriz, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and finally Urmia University in the position of a lecturer and head of the English Department. At Urmia University, I have been teaching in BA, MA and PhD programs in TESOL since 2007.


My most popular and favorite courses have been Linguistics, Media English, Reading, Essay Writing, Methodology, Educational Psychology for English Teachers, and Language Testing in BA, Methodology, Teaching Language Skills, Practicum, Psycholinguistics, and ESP in MA, and Methodology, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, and Teacher Education in the PhD program of the department.


During my MA and PhD studies to a more extent and later parallel to my university job to a lesser extent, I have been involved in general English, business English, medical English, essay writing and very successfully run and highly popular IELTS and TOEFL (PBT and later iBT) Preparation courses in Tehran, Tabriz and Urmia.


While it may be a little overpraise, I am mostly characterized as an innovative, supportive, up-to-date, technophile, digitally literate, interaction-promoting, punctual, organized and highly committed lecturer among my students! Over these long years of teaching and my professional development journey, I have tried my best to keep abreast of the latest approaches and trends in education and language teaching and worked endlessly to integrate these novel notions and doctrines to my classroom conduct.    


In addition to my teaching responsibility at the department, I have (co)supervised over 30 MA theses and 5 PhD dissertations some of which are still in progress. Most of my joint publications have, in fact, originated from the supervised thesis/dissertation projects. Three of my MA students who carried out their theses under my supervision got accepted in very competitive nation-wide PhD entrance exam in TEFL with very outstanding ranks of 2, 12, and 14 among other applicants.


I have been one of the very few university professors in Iran active in the professional development of public- and private-sector EFL teachers through conducting teacher training courses, lectures, and theme-based workshops. I am a certified E-moderator and have successfully completed a three-month E-moderating course. I have also E-moderated one Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) course as one of the Cambridge University teacher training packages for a group of novice or less experienced Iranian EFL teachers.


My key publications have been on incidental focus on form, task-based language teaching, teacher training and education, and convenience editing. I have recently turned my attention more to academic and scholarly journal paper publications. My most recent submissions have been published or accepted for publication in the Journal of English for Specific Purposes (ISI+ Scopus indexed), Learned Publishing (ISI + Scopus indexed), International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning (Scopus indexed), Journal of Molecular Biology Education (ISI+Scopus indexed), Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability (Scopus), Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (Scopus + ISC indexed), TELL (ISC indexed), IJAL (ISC indexed), and Issues in Language Teaching (ISC indexed) among many others.


Full list of my evolving publications co-authored with my colleagues and graduate students are available through

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