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  • Name and Family
  • gh.rezazadeh
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  • PHD
  • Academic Degree
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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
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     Research and Education Resume

Journal Articles (94)


2-قادر رضازاده, 2016, Vibration and instability of fluid?conveyed smart micro?tubes based on magneto?electro?elasticity beam model,Microfluid Nanofluid.

3-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Vibration Analysis of Circular Magneto-electro-elastic Nano-plates based on Eringen’s Nonlocal Theory,International Journal of Engineering.

4-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Modelling the Size Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Micro/Nano Structures,Sensors.

5-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Super Sensitive Mass Detection in Nonlinear Regime,Sensing and Imaging.

6-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Viscous fluid damping in a laterally oscillating finger of a comb-drive micro-resonator based on micro-polar fluid theory,Acta Mech. Sin.

7-قادر رضازاده, 2015, A Novel Micro-cantilever Based Angular Speed Sensor Controlled Piezoelectrically and Tuned by Electrostatic Actuators,Sensing and Imaging.

8-قادر رضازاده, 2015, An Investigation on Optimal Designing of Dynamic Vibration Absorbers Using Genetic Algorithm,Cumhuriyet Science Journal.

9-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Analysis of bias DC voltage effect on thermoelastic damping ratio in short nano-beam resonators based on nonlocal elasticity theory and dual-phase-lagging heat conduction model,Meccanica.

10-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Coupled vibrations of a magneto?electro?elastic micro?diaphragm in micro?pumps,Microfluid Nanofluid.

11-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Design of Direct Exponential Observers for Fault Detection of Nonlinear MEMS Tunable Capacitor,International Journal of Engineering.

12-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Nonlinear analysis of electrostatically actuated diaphragm-type micropumps,Nonlinear Dyn.

13-قادر رضازاده, 2015, On the modeling of a piezoellectrically actuated micro-sensor for measurement of microscale fluid physical properties,APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE and PROCESSING.

14-قادر رضازاده, 2015, softening effect of nonlocality against the hardening effect of stretching in a capacitive micrro beam,scientia iranica.

15-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Stability analysis of a piezoelectrically actuated micro?pipe conveying fluid,Microfluid Nanofluid.

16-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of an Asymmetrically Electrostatically Actuated Microbeam,Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics.

17-قادر رضازاده, 2015, State Estimation of MEMs Capacitor Using Taylor Expansion,International Journal of Engineering.

18-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Studying thin film damping in a micro-beam resonator based on non-classical theories,Acta Mechanica Sinica.

19-قادر رضازاده, 2015, Vibration Analysis of an Air Compressor Based on a Hypocycloidal Mechanism: an Experimental Study,International Journal of Engineering.

20-قادر رضازاده, 2014, A new MEMS based variable capacitor with wide tunability, high linearity and low actuation voltage,Microelectronics Journal.

21-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Bifurcation Analysis of a Capacitive Micro-resonator Considering Non-local Elasticity Theory,Int. J. Nonlinear Sci..

22-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Bifurcation analysis of an electro-statically actuated micro-beam in the presence of centrifugal forces,International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics.

23-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Investigation of Thermoelastic Damping in the Longitudinal Vibration of a Micro Beam,International Journal of Engineering.


25-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Thermo-elastic damping in a functionally graded piezoelectric micro-resonator,International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design.

26-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Application of Thau observer for fault detection of micro parallel plate capacitor subjected to nonlinear electrostatic force,International Journal of Engineering.

27-قادر رضازاده هادی عظیم لو رسول شعبانی, 2014, Development of a capacitive angular velocity sensor for the alarm and trip applications,Measurement.

28-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Effect of mass diffusion on the damping ratio in micro-beam resonators,International Journal of Solids and Structures.

29-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Gap Dependent Bifurcation Behavior of a nano-beam subjected to a nonlinear Electrostatic Pressure,Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures.

30-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Micro-inertia effects on the dynamic characteristics of micro-beams considering the couple stress theory,Mechanics Research Communications.

31-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Nonlinear behavior of capacitive micro-beams based on strain gradient theory,Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology.

32-قادر رضازاده, 2014, Study of squeeze film damping in a micro-beam resonator based on micro-polar theory,Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures.

33-قادر رضازاده, 2013, A comprehensive study of stability in an electro-statically actuated micro-beam,International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics.

34-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Application of piezoelectric actuation to regularize the chaotic response of an electrostatically actuated micro-beam,Nonlinear Dynamics.

35-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Coupled vibration of a cantilever micro-beam submerged in a bounded incompressible fluid domain,Acta Mechanica.

36-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Tuning the primary resonances of a micro resonator, using piezoelectric actuation,Nonlinear Dynamics.

37-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Effects of ohmic resistance on dynamic characteristics and impedance of micro/nano cantilever beam resonators,Sensing and Imaging: An International Journal.

38-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Effects of squeeze film damping on a clamped-clamped beam MEMS filter,Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics.

39-قادر رضازاده, 2013, On the size-dependent behavior of a capacitive circular micro-plate considering the variable length-scale parameter,International Journal of Mechanical Sciences.

40-قادر رضازاده, 2013, On the stability of a functionally graded rectangular micro-plate subjected to hydrostatic and nonlinear electrostatic pressures,Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica.

41-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Stability analysis and transient response of electrostatically actuated microbeam interacting with bounded compressible fluids,Journal of Applied Mechanics.


43-قادر رضازاده, 2013, thermally induced vibration of an electro-statically deflected functionally graded micro-beam considering thermo-elastic coupling effect,scientia iranica.

44-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Thermo-elastic damping in nano-beam resonators based on nonlocal theory,International Journal of Engineering-Transactions C: Aspects.

45-قادر رضازاده, 2013, EFFECT OF LENGTH-SCALE PARAMETER ON PULL-IN VOLTAGE AND NATURAL FREQUENCY OF A MICRO-PLATE,International Journal of Engineering-Transactions C: Aspects.

46-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Effect of mass diffusion on the damping ratio in a functionally graded micro-beam,Composite Structures.

47-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Stability and torsional vibration analysis of a micro-shaft subjected to an electrostatic parametric excitation using variational iteration method,Meccanica.

48-قادر رضازاده, 2013, Study of structural noise owing to nonlinear behavior of capacitive microphones,Microelectronics Journal.

49-قادر رضازاده, 2012, Sloshing Response of Floating Roofed Liquid Storage Tanks Subjected to Earthquakes of Different Types,Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology2012.

50- 2012, Thermoelastic damping in a Micro-Beam Resonator Using Modified Couple Stress Theory,Acta Mechanica.

51-شاه محمدی آذر-قادر رضازاده-رسول شعبانی, 2012, Effect of Electric Potential Distribution on Electromechanical Behavior of a Piezoelectrically Sandwiched Micro-Beam,Journal of Solid Mechanics2012.

52-قادر رضازاده, 2012, Effect of Temperature Changes on Dynamic Pull-in Phenomenon in a Functionally Graded Capacitive Micro-beam,2012Journal of Solid Mechanics.


54-قادر رضازاده, 2012, Thermo-elastic Damping in a Capacitive Micro-beam Resonator Considering Hyperbolic Heat Conduction Model and Modified Couple Stress Theory,Journal of Solid Mechanics2012.

55-قادر رضازاده, 2012, Thermoelastic damping in a micro-beam resonator tunable with piezoelectric layers,Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica.

56- 2011, On the Stability of a Microbeam Conveying Fluid Considering Modified Couple Stress Theory,International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design.

57- 2011, Stability analysis of a parametrically excited Functionally Graded Piezoelectric, MEM system,Current Applied Physic.

58- 2011, Dynamic Characteristics and Vibrational Response of a Capacitive,Journal of solid Mechanics.

59- 2011, Nonnlinear vibrations and chaos in electrostatic torsional actuators,Nonlinear Analysis Series B: Real World Applications.

60- 2011, Parametric Excitation of a Piezoelectricaly Actuated System near Hopf bifurcation,Applied Mathematical Modelling.

61- 2011, Some Deign Parameters and Corrective Factors of Nano-Electromechanical devices,Journal of Micro-Nano Mechatronics.

62- 2011, Stabilizing the Pull- in Instability of an Electro-statically Actuated Micro-beam Using Piezoelectric Actuation,Applied Mathematical Modelling.

63- 2011, Effects of axial and residual stresses on thermoelastic damping in capacitive micro-beam resonators,Journal of the Franklin Institute.

64- 2011, Mechanical Behavior of a Bilayer Cantilever Microbeam Subjected to Electrostatic Force, Mechanical Shock and Thermal moment,International Journal of Applied Mechanics.

65- 2011, Study of Mechanical Behavior of Circular FGM Micro-plates under Nonlinear Electrostatic and Mechanical Shock Loadings,Acta Mechanica.

66- 2011, Study of Parametric Oscillation of an Electrostatically Actuated Microbeam Using Variational Iteration Method,Applied Mathematical Modeling.

67- 2011, On a MEMS Based Dynamic Remote Temperature Sensor Using Transverse Vibration of a Bi-Layer Micro-Cantilever,Journal of measurement.

68- 2010, On the Modeling of a Piezoelectrically Actuated Microsensor for Simultaneously Measuring of Fluids Viscosity and Density,Journal of Measurement.

69- 2010, A Novel Technique for Stress Gradient Measurement of Electrostatic MEM Switches and Non Ideal Anchor’s Effects,Analog Integr Circ Sig Process.

70- 2010, Pull-In phenomenon Investigation in Nonlinear Electromechanical Coupled System by Distributed Model Frequency Analysis Method, Sensors and Transducers Journal,Sensors and Transducers Journal.

71- 2009, Piezoelectric Layers Application to Control of Pull-in Voltage and Natural Frequency of an Electrostatically Actuated Microplante,Journal of Mechanics and MEMS.

72- 2009, Study of Thermoelastic Damping in Capacitive Micro-Beam Resonators Using Hyperbolic Heat Conduction Model,Sensor&Transducers.

73- 2009, Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of a Bilayer Microbeam Subjected to Nonlinear Electrostatic Pressure,Sensor&Transducers.

74- 2009, Dynamic Response of a Torsional Micromirrer to Electroststic Force and Mechanical Shock,Microsyst Technol.

75- 2009, Electromechanical Behavior of Microbeam with Piezoelectric and Electrostatic Actuation,Sens Imaging.

76- 2009, Finite Element Analysis of Static and Dynamic Pull-in Instability of a Fixed-Fixed Micro Beam Considering Damoing Effects,Sensor&Transducers.

77- 2009, Nonlinear Electrostatic Behavior for Two Elastic Parallel Fixed-Fixed and Cantilever Microbeams,Mechatronics.

78- 2008, Studying of a Tunneling Accelerometer with piezoelectric Actuation and Fuzzy Controller,J of sensors & Transducer.

79- 2008, A Novel Approach to Study of Mechanical Behavior of NEM Actuators Using Galerkin Method,International Journal of Nanosystems.

80- 2007, Grape drying: A Review,Food Reviews International,.

81- 2007, Influence of Dipping on Thin-Layer Drying Characteristics of Seedless Grapes,Biosystems Engineering.

82- 2007, Investigation of the Pull-in Phennomenon in Drug Delivery Micropump Using Galerkin Method,Sensors& Transducers Journal.

83- 2007, Modeling Open-Loop MEMS Tunneling Accelerometer Based on Circular Plate,Sensors&Transducers Journal.

84- 2007, Application of the Generalized Differntial Quadrature Method to the Study of Pull-In Phenomena of MEMS Switches,Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems.

85- 2007, Effect of Residual Stress on Divergence Instability of Rectangular Microplate Subjected to Nonlinear Electrostatic,J of sensors & Transducer.

86- 2007, Investigation of the Torsion and Bending Effects on Static Stability of Electrostatic Torsional Micromirrors,Microsyst Technol.

87- 2007, Mechanical Behavior of a Thermal Micromirror Based on a Bimetallic Cantilever Beam,Sendors&Transducers Journal.

88- 2007, MEMS Tunneling Micro Thermometer Based on tip Deflection of Bimetallic Cantilever Beam,Sensor & Transducers Journal.

89- 2007, A Comprehensive Model to Study Nonlinear Behavior of Multilayered Micro Beam Switches,Microsyst Technol.

90- 2006, MEMS Capacitive Thermal Sensor Sensitivity Investigation Using Full Factorial Design Method,Sensors & Transducers.

91- 2006, Pull-in Instability Investigation of Circular Micro Pump Subjected to Nonlinear Electrostatic Force,Sensors & Transducers,.

92- 2006, Pull-In Voltage of Fixed-Fixed End Type MEMS Switches with Variative Electrostatic Area,Sensors & Transducers,.

93- 2006, Eliminating of the Residual Stresses Effect in the Fixed-Fixed End Type MEM Switches by Piezoelectric Layers,Sensors & Transducers,.

94- 2006, Application of Piezoelectric Layers in Electrostatic MEM Actuators: Controlling of Pull-in Voltage,Microsyst Technol.
Conference Papers/Abstracts/Posters (20)

1- 2006, A Comparison Simulation of Fixed-Fixed Type MEMS, Switches,,Journal of Physics:Conferce Series.

2- 2006, Analytical Model Studying of a Novel Tunable Capacitor Based on Bimetallic Thermal Actuator,ICSE.

3- 2005, Application of Generalized Differential Quadrature Method to Solution of Grape Drying with Variable Diffusion Coefficient,4th Asia Pacific Drying Conference, Science city, Kolkata, India.

4- 2005, Competition Obstacles of Iranian Firms In Joining to WTO,Sangapour Economic Review Conference.

5- 2004, Design and Simulation of Simple and Varying Section Cantilever and Fixed-Fixed End Types MEMS Switches,ICSE, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

6- 2007, Divergence Instability of a Extensible Microplate Subject to Nonlinear Electrostatic Pressure,Int Confernce of Micro-and Nonelectronics-Icmne 2007Moscow-Zvenigorod Russia 2007".

7- 2009, Flutter and Divergence Instabilities of a Microbeam Sandwiched by Piezoelectric Layers,17th Annual International Conference on Mechanical Engineering.

8- 2008, Mechanical Behavior of a Micro Plate with Uniform Hydrostatic and Nonlinear Electrostatic Pressures Actuated,16th Annual Intrenational Conference on Mechanical Engineering.

9- 2008, Mechanical Behvior of a Rectangular Micro Plate with Hydrostatic and Electrostatic Pressures Actuation,شانزدهمین همایش مهندسی مکانیک کرمان.

10- 2006, Pull-In Phenomenon Investigation of Nanoelectromechanical Systems,,Journal of Physics:Conferce Series.

11- 2006, Residual Stresses Measuring of Electrostatic MEM switches by Piezoelectric Layers, Proc,Proceeding of the 1st IEEE Internatuinal Conference on Nano/Micreo Engineered and Molecular System.

12- 2004, Scattering Parameters Improvement in CPW MEMS Shunt Switches,ICSE.

13- 2006, some design considerations on the electrostatically actuated fixed-fixed end type mems switches,journal of physics:.

14- 2004, Stability Of Beams With Intermediate Supports Subjected To Non-Conservative Force And Torque, Proceeding of IMEC&International Mechanical Engineering Conference.

15- 2008, Study on the Dinamic Puii-in Phenomenon of a Clamped-Clamped Microbeam with Electrostatic and Electordynamic Actuations,16th Annual Intrenational Conference on Mechanical Engineering.

16- 2008, Study on the divergence instability of an electrostatically actuated cantilever nanobeam considering van der waals force,شانزدهمین همایش مهندسی مکانیک کرمان.

17- 2008, Study on the Dynamic Pull - in Instability of a Clamped -Clamped Microbeam Due to Electrostatic Actuation,شانزدهمین همایش مهندسی مکانیک کرمان.

18- 2008, The Effect of Fluid Flow in Laminar Boundary Layer on Divergence Instability of a Rectangular Microplate Subjected to Nonuniform Electrostatic Pressure,16th Annual(International)Conference on Mechanical Ingineering,ISME.

19- 2006, The Effect of Residual Stress on Pull-In Voltage of Fixed-Fixed End Type MEM Switches with Variative Electrostatic Area,Proceeding of the 1st IEEE Internatuinal Conference on Nano/Micreo Engineered and Molecular System.

20- 2006, The Influence of Stress Gradient on the Pull-in Phenomena of Microelectromechanical Switches,,Journal of Physics:Conferce Series.
Research Projects (1)

1- 1383, Stability of bars with intermidiate suport under nonconcervative load.